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Project Stormos - http://ProjectStormos.com

Project Stormos

The world's first Anti-Platformer

The world's first Anti-Platformer is here. Dash mid-air through ridiculously challenging levels at lightning speeds without ever touching the ground. Engage is aerial battles and combo together dashes and slashes to unheard of levels. Comes with it's own built in level editor and community leader boards. Play, share and compete with others now at http://ProjectStormos.com!

Intruder - http://IntruderOnline.comIntruder

Stealth Tactical Multiplayer FPS

This is a tactical and stealthy FPS where the most cunning, not the twitchiest, player wins. A wide array of gadgets, the new Balance System, and highly interactive environments make for CQB and long-distance encounters like you've never seen. http://SuperbossGames.com/intruder

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