Matches & Competitive Play

We've been hard at work creating new features and bug fixes that you may be interested in.

 You'll notice that some rooms have [Match] next to their title. This is a competitive system that encourages players to play at the best of their abilities. This system is made up from two elements, Element 1, and Element 2. These elements are comprised of the guards, and the intruders. When you choose one element, you'll remain on that element unless you're auto-balanced onto another element, if you switch sides, or quit and re-join, or complete the first part of the best-of-7 system. This 'best-of-7' system is comprised of 2 sets. These sets are made up of 3 rounds, each. When an element wins a round, they recieve a point. During the event that both elements have 3 points after both sets, there is a tie breaker. After this tie breaker, the match scoreboard will reset.


A few AUG memebers like myself have been testing this for sometime now. We noticed that players have wanted to have the ability to switch sides after X amount of rounds. This solves this issue and below you can watch a video of how a full match looks like.

 What are you waiting for, download build 74 and come play!