Intruder Tournament sign ups!

intruder tournament

An Intruder Tournament is being organized by player iceman (profile). So far a lot of people have signed up but looks like they want more for some teams. Here is a quote from the post as of today.

Welcome to Infiltration Inc., a 3v3 tournament that will have players casting the games on Twitch!

To sign up, simply reply to this thread with your team name and the names of the team members. Signups close at 11:59 PM on Sunday the 14th.

The tournament will be a standard double elimination tournament. Every team will have 1 week to organize a playing time with the team they’re facing as well as a pair of casters.
Each match will consist of 3 sets of 2 or 3 games each, with a 1 minute break in between each set. The winner of a match is the first to 2 sets. 

All games in the winner’s bracket are to be played on Riverside B2RD
All games in the loser’s bracket are to be played on Riverside B1RD 

The sets are as follows:
Set 1: 3 games
........Team 1 guards, Team 2 intrudes
Set 2: 3 games
........Team 2 guards, Team 1 intrudes
Set 3: 2 games
........Team 1 guards, Team 2 intrudes
........Teams switch after 1st game
........If the match is tied after all 3 sets are complete, sudden death ensues.
........Team 1 will start as guards. In the case of a draw, teams switch.
........Sudden death will continue until one team wins a single game.

Signups will close at 11:59 PM GMT, Sunday the 14th
The first round of matches must be complete by Monday (the 22nd) morning
The second round must be complete by Monday (the 29th) morning
I'm sure the pattern is obvious enough for you to figure out the rest of the rounds =P

These deadlines are not quite set in stone. I will decide if the matches can go past the deadline on a case by case basis. But, for instance, if two teams can't play at ALL until that Monday afternoon, I'll let them play then. Further rules and guidelines will be on the match scheduling thread when I get it up.

The teams that are signed up currently are:

Team Raven Shield

  • R3vo
  • LavaTramp
  • OpticalF3AR

Salad Snake

  • Okangu
  • SebastianTheCrab
  • Lopez.


  • Dregas
  • Rekedens
  • TBD

Titanic Trio

  • TehBucket
  • 1110
  • TheTwelthTardis


You can see more on the event here and sign up here

They will also be looking for streamers and recorders so make sure to tell them and to come on the chat. Iceman set up a twitch and youtube channel here are the links. Make sure to subscribe to these for when the tournaments begin!

So get a team together and share with your friends! Will update as the tournament date comes closer.


We are going to PAX!

If you are going to PAX this year, be on the look out for Rob.

He is dressed like this:

Approach Rob and use the phrase "The briefcase is in the server room" to recieve a gift code for Intruder from him.

He will also be placing gift codes as Intruder Caches.

Keep an eye on our Twitter @SuperbossGames for #IntruderCache updates and cache locations.

Hope to see you there!


We Have Hit 10,000 Users!

This past week we have hit 10,000 users on our forums! This is a big milestone for us and we wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your continued support of Intruder. We have an amazing community full of people that are courteous players and helpful to new users.

Welcome to all of our new users! Our July 4th sale went extremely well. We encourage our new users to introduce themselves in the forums and hang out with us on our IRC channel.

Don't forget to tell your friends about Intruder. Gift codes can be purchases here.

Check out these Intruder videos from EatMyDiction1 on Youtube.

SANTA HATS | Intruder





$5 Sale! July 3rd - July 6th

intruder sale

Hey Everyone!

We're going to be having an awesome sale for Intruder this holiday weekend but starting one day early! So you can get Intruder now for only $5 from July 3rd through July 6th


CLICK HERE to go to the store


Make sure to let your friends know or pick up gift copies if you like as well. 

Featured Players

featured players

We have also started a Featured Players page for awesome achievements inside the Superboss and Intruder community. 

Feature Players link

First up is player EpicSC for getting 1000(!) arrests in the game! Links have also been added to the profile sections on the website to allow you to go between your personal profile, recent players, and featured players. 

View my profile 

Anyway, make sure to share the news about the sale and to come to the IRC chat if you want to chill with the community or need any help. See you soon agents!


Intruder Series 011 Red Dot Sight

Intruder Series 011 Red Dot Sight

Hey! In this Dev Log video we will be going over the Red Dot Sight. It's the first attachment in the game and has some pretty cool functions. 

Before you can use the Red Dot, you have to find it in one of the various locations through out each of the levels. Once you find it you can press the "Use" key to get it in your inventory. Re-equip your SMG and bam, you got a nice little aiming device.

The primary use of the Red Dot Sight is to allow you to aim easier while looking down the sights. It allows you to see more clearly than the normal iron sights can.

It also has a secondary function called Focus Mode. You can activate Focus Mode by holding right mouse button down while you are aiming down the sights. This will zoom in slightly and also lower you mouse sensitivity. This is great for long distance shooting because it allows you to aim more accuratley much easier. The video also goes over some other use case examples.

As usual you can pick up your own copy of Intruder at as well as gift codes if you want to buy one for a friend. We've made a lot of patches recently as well so make sure to check out the change log and twitter feed. Till next time!



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